We Are Family!

Sisters, mothers, nieces, nephews… we are a local family that love our strong local community. We have many interests and are delighted to offer a valuable service to our wonderful town. 

Andrea is a mother, a singer and is no stranger to hard work. She has had a varied career path, most recently working for the Town Council and she recently attained a degree in music. 

Jodie is the youngest member of our team and in her last job was getting up at 4am every morning to pack and prepare groceries for a local business. No slacker, she is awesome. She loves travelling and cooking and has recently gained qualifications in health and beauty.

Krista has worked for many years in design, art and marketing and loves making natural, organic skincare. Business and background support as well as driving around collecting and delivering is her thing.

Mel is a trained accountant and keeps us on track. Her first Saturday job was in a launderette so she's an old hand but meanwhile she has gained experience in retail, catering, hospitality, entertainment, modelling, health and beauty... you name it!

Tom is our organiser and brings great ideas to the business. Always keen to improve service and a friendly front of house face - his energy and motivation is so positive and keeps us going when the going gets tough. He's one of the good guys! 

A great service full of smiles.

Wendy Gibson