We Are Family!

Sisters, mothers, nieces, cousins… we are a local family that love our strong local community. We have many interests and are delighted to offer a valuable service to our wonderful town. 

Andrea is a mother, a singer and is no stranger to hard work. She has had a varied career path, most recently working for the Town Council and she recently attained a degree in music. 

Jodie is the youngest member of our team and in her last job was getting up at 4am every morning to pack and prepare groceries for a local business. No slacker, she is awesome. She loves travelling and cooking and has recently gained qualifications in health and beauty.

Bre-anne is in her dream job but is also training to be an accountant. Her enthusiasm and sunny disposition alongside her super folding skills make her a valuable addition to the team. 

A great service full of smiles.

Wendy Gibson